Tips For Bouncer Bowling

ball-tips1Bouncer is a tactical style of bowling used in cricket. Bouncers are short pitched bowling so that the batsman has to play shots in height. This type of bowling is very dangerous for the batsman as there is a great chance of losing wicket.

A typical bouncer usually ranges from 90 to 100 miles per hour and can induce dodgy height that bounces off the ground to trouble the batsman. In the 2003 Cricket World Cup, Pakistan’s Shoaib Akhtar bowled at 100.2 miles per hour, which was a record speed as his speed exceeded 100 miles per hour.

To play confident shots against bouncer bowling, the batsman has to make himself perfect while putting concentration on some particular areas:


The footwork of the batsman should be good enough to face a bouncer bowling. Footwork helps a batsman to face a bouncer in the right direction so that he does not lose the concentration to play timely shot.

Eye Contact:

Eye contact is also one of the most important factors to retain concentration on bowling as the speed of the bowling may put trouble on the batsman. The batsman has to make proper eye contact on the bowling to understand its swing direction.

Defensive Shot:

Defensive shot should be the right selection for a bouncer bowling. Defensive shot helps the batsman to retain his wicket as he can select attacking in the next delivery.

Practice – Cricket Bowling Machine:

Practice is the key for batsmen to face bouncer delivery. The batsman should use cricket bowling machine for the improvement of batting quality to face bouncer bowling. Some of the important tips configured below:

Quick Tips on Batting with Cricket Bowling Machine:

  • Warm up and be ready for practice. You should always warm up before practice.
  • Use the machine for 6 overs consistently and take a break of 5 minutes as you should not continuously use the machine for longer time.
  • Use a half run bowling to keep your eyes focused on your target. Use defensive shot for the faster delivery.
  • Make sure you have to hit the ball every time.
  • After 3 overs, you can use medium pace bowling to see swing quality and to know whether you are able to make shot or not.
  • Monitor your accuracy, as you practice this your control will improve as each day goes by.
  • You can use this cricket bowling machine for, yorkers, slower balls etc.

Gear up for Batting:

You have to be psychologically prepared before batting. If you are an opener, you will be more likely to face bouncer bowling. Have full confidence on you and walk out with positive note. Always remember to select the right bat for batting. If you take a bat that is too short or too heavy this will make it more difficult to hit the ball. You should also know that the knob of the bat should be in the middle of the palm of your hand. However, it’s advisable to use cricket bowling machine to know more skills of facing bouncer bowling in practice.