Online Golf Tips for the Beginner

The only advantage is that you are a beginner in the game of golf and you will be able to perform the right techniques discussed here, if practiced on the practice range.

Golf Tips for the beginner

Select the right clubs

Before you plan to join a golf course, you must go to a proper golf shop and ask the vendor for used golf clubs. Whenever to select the right club you need to check the club size, grip and try to swing each club to choose the right combination to play golf.

Generate power in your shots with accuracy

In order to generate power while swinging the golf club, you must start to maintain high levels of body fitness. You must do stretching exercises which must include your hand, leg and back exercises. Take this tip seriously as this is essential for you to hit the golf ball a fairway.

How you address the golf ball?

Whenever you address the ball, as an amateur you must know that addressing a golf ball is an important matter for you to improve in golf. While you swinging many golfers just try to swing the golf club and end up messing up the shots. It is advised that you take each shot in a calm and composed way. Practice each shot several times as this takes time but steadily you will surely improve

Basics of golf swing

This golf tip for the Beginner is as important as the other tips mentioned above. There are two types of golf sweeps which emerge while you swing the golf club to hit the golf ball. The first one is horizontal sweep, the player has to twist his body and other is known as the vertical sweep which is executed by your arms and the golf club. While taking a swing at the golf ball it is vital for you to maintain a good body posture to swing the ball.

You must be careful while swinging the ball vertical or circle swing as it causes trouble for players as it might result in pulling your hand too much.

Practice the vardon grip

Even though the baseball grip involves all fingers to hold the golf club, the vardon or the overlapping grip is used for a good firm grip of the golf club. This grip is often recommended to beginners as well as ladies to strengthen their fingers. The vardon grip involves the little finger to rest on top of the right finger and second finger upon the right hand if you’re a right hander. 

Golf shots

Practice different types of golf shots the mid-iron golf shot, marshie golf shot, jigger and niblick shot. While playing the mid-iron shot the player must drive the golf club in such a way that it cuts the grass but slightly and not in a hard manner after striking the ball.

Putting shot

Putting shot golf tip for the Beginner, is all about controlling the golf club, as you keep practicing putting will surely improve your skills

By following these golf tips for the Beginner. By implementing these tips you will develop a profound confidence in yourself while you are improving your skills in golf. More importantly to improve as a beginner and know more about golf you can join the golf mentor program, which will surely benefit you in learning golf.