Cheap Swimming Pools

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is always something nice and refreshing, especially during the hot summer days. However, building and maintaining one is a major undertaking, which is often extremely expensive. Furthermore, backyard swimming pools don’t necessarily add value to one’s home. Still, a swimming pool surely create an excellent summer atmosphere and give people a nice spot to cool off when the weather is nice and shiny. Therefore, if you have the space, the necessary desire and the right amount of funds you may consider building your own swimming pool.

As I mentioned above, a full scale in-ground swimming pool is indeed a costly affair. The amount of labour and material required for the project is substantial and not many households can afford one such pool.

Still, there are some cheap alternatives to in-ground pools. Namely above-ground pools are the ideal alternative to conventional pools, because they cost a fraction of the price to set up and require much less maintenance. Of course, if you wish, any above-ground swimming pool can be equipped with expensive additional features like patterned lining or fancy stairs. Yet all these additional extras will inevitably jump up the price with quite a lot. So, if you are looking for the cheapest offers, don’t get carried away with all the additional fittings on the market, as the end cost will be similar to an in-ground pool, which completely defies the purpose of the undertaking.

There are two major types of above ground pools. The first, cheaper one, is the ring or round pools. They are, perhaps, the least expensive option, when it comes to above-ground pools. This type of pools is either inflated with a pump, or raises its sides and walls as the water is being filled. They are usually made of heavy duty vinyl and rubber, which make it very stable and durable. Of course, they are too small to be used for actual swimming, but they are ideal for relaxation in hot summer days. The good thing is that they usually come with their own water filtering system and even chlorine delivery system. In this way the pool is kept clean, requiring minimal maintenance and cleaning from time to time.

The second type of above ground pool is the one with solid walls or the so called frame pool. It is pretty similar, but more expensive. This version is made of an outer metal frame, lined with pool vinyl or rubber, on the inside. The metal frame gives additional stability and makes the frame pool a more permanent and durable item in your backyard. These pools can be large and deep enough, so that they can be used for some short swimming practices. They might require a ladder to get in and out of the pool and can even be fitted with a deck, where you can put some sunbeds. These pools come with very long warranty and will generally take a lot of beating before showing signs of wear and tear. Therefore, considering that they cost a fraction of an actual in-ground pool, they are one worthy investment, provided the pool is looked after properly. They might need some specialized care, due to their size. Therefore, besides the water filtering system, you may need to do some cleaning using vacuum or brush.

Regardless of which type of above ground pool you will pick, they will require some professional care from time to time. Therefore, you may considering hiring some professionals, like Virginia Water cleaners. You can make the necessary arrangements with the cleaning company, so that they can take a proper care of your pool on a regular basis. If you choose to take care of your pool yourself, you should, get acquainted with a lot of procedures and terminology, in order to keep everything in order. In any case your pool should always be in perfect shape, since a lot of dangerous bacteria can develop in an unattended pool.