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In London’s Fleet Street, famous for its newspapers and law courts, there is a wine bar known as El Vino’s. Years ago, it was frequented by lawyers from the nearby Inns of Court and journalists who met together in a clubby atmosphere to drink wine and beer, mainly at lunchtimes.

The same people meet there today, with one important difference. Women can now be served at the bar. Twenty years ago, women had to stand behind their male colleagues, and were forbidden to order a drink. This had been a long-standing tradition, and the men didn’t want to change it.

One woman decided to take on this last bastion of male privilege, so she walked into El Vino’s and demanded to be served. The bartender laughed, then refused. The woman immediately left and went to her lawyer to start proceedings for sexual discrimination.

At the time, the suited males were “up in arms” about this threat from the fairer sex, and demanded their right to continue to drink at the bar alone while keeping their womenfolk sitting in a far corner, away from the bar.

In a landmark decision, it was held that women had the right to be served at the bar too, and the victorious plaintiff then gathered some of her friends, and spent the whole day drinking and celebrating her victory in El Vino’s.

Many of the men got drunk because they lamented the passing of the old tradition, and a few of them were arrested for being drunk and disorderly on the sidewalk, just outside El Vino’s.

Women today have equal access, except mostly in Muslim countries. More women are gambling online too, indeed female gamblers are just as determined to win as male gamblers, and they are strong on intuition. If men and women argue in the casino, often it’s only about the best moves.

On a quite different subject, men wondered for a long time why women seemed smarter than men when it came to catching salmon. If a salmon was to be caught, it was often a woman who succeeded.

Then scientists found that the fish were attracted to the scent of female pheromones, which was the real reason why they caught more fish.

In case you don’t know or remember what these are, they are the chemical messengers secreted by both sexes to attract the opposite sex.

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