Canadian Casino To Collect Top Casino Awards

Long before the first European settlers knew of its existence, Canada’s aboriginal people had discovered the food properties of maple sap. Later the maple leaf became the most prominent Canadian symbol, and that’s the reason you’ll find the maple leaf design at the, an online casino that’s attracting players from all over the world.

Canada also has some famous medals, or bravery decorations, and these are the Medal of Bravery, the Star of Courage, and the Cross of Valour. Would you go into a burning casino twice to save people you didn’t know? Would you jump into an icy river to save a friend? Would you try to stop a marauding casino security guard, or walk through pools of gasoline to help a driver trapped in a car after an accident?

You cannot be awarded any of these medals at the Canadian Casino but there’s no doubt that some bettors deserve “bravery medals” for visiting some other online casinos sites that have no security features, are not recommended, and whose “game fairness” would be a joke if it were not for the fact that to lose money unfairly is never very funny.

With its phenomenally attractive gaming software, independently tested for game fairness, and the best new games on the Internet, it must be in the running to collect a host of top casino awards.

Since the Canadian Casino arrived on the scene, with its membership of the prestigious, which offers guaranteed game fairness, secured transactions, and management widely known as people you can trust, many gamblers have deserted unscrupulous sites in favor of fair play and fairer odds.

When MGM Grand’s casino opened in Detroit, taking $4.8 million in less than 72 hours, it was found that revenues across the river at the Canadian Casino Windsor had dropped 20 percent.

Now it looks as if something similar will happen in cyberspace, but the other way round, as gaming fans desert the crooked sites and give their support to the, a casino that proudly belongs to the “Best Online Casinos in the World.” Canadian Casino is definitely in good company.

The group that runs the Canadian Casino is part of a group of US corporations, including a finance company, who have been in business for more than 140 years. The finance company holds all deposits in cash so that 100% of customer funds are always available …